Pythagoras coined the word “kosmos” to express the harmony and order that composes the breathtaking beauty of the universe. Kosmos is a Greek word that relates to adornment and ornament. What made him describe the Universe in such a way? Perhaps he looked beyond the quantity of numbers and saw the quality of them. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what makes something or someone aesthetically pleasing is usually defined by balance, harmony and symmetry.

Meet Andre Lichtenberg and his body of work, who inter alia interprets viewpoints of modern urban landscape into beautiful pieces of geometrical art work.



André Lichtenberg (b.1964 Porto Alegre) studied Civil Engineering in Brazil before moving to Europe and deciding to focus in Photography. After finishing an MA in Photographic studies at The University of Westminster, London, André's images starting winning him international commissions and exposure. His photographs have since been exhibited widely in art spaces such as: Photographer's Gallery & Barbican Centre, London, Museum da Republica, Rio de Janeiro and Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Brazil. His limited editions are represented in numerous corporate and private collections, including the collection of a Trustee of the Board of Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami. Recent Awards include: Renaissance Photography Prize, AOP Photographer's Awards and the International Colour Awards, USA. André currently lives and works in Brighton, UK. 

Showcased images are from three recent projects: 

- Vertigo series (2008) - This project looks into the design and architecture of Canary Wharf from a new perspective. The series was created in early 2008 and documents a very powerful and private part of London which was regenerated in the late nineties, and where photography was often not permitted. 

- Licht series (2010) -  This project was created in remote areas of the British South Coast on full moon nights. The series uses a poetical approach (calm landscapes illuminated by the soft moonlight) to record a play of light between the artist, the moon and the landscape. The project deals with issues of self analyses and identity. 

- Within series (2012/13) - This series depicts large scale urban spaces in a reversed aesthetic. The inverted scenes offer a detailed study of the city architecture with a forensic quality, images that resemble an urban x-ray. The cityscapes are captured (scanned) in several (sometimes up to a hundred) high end raw photographs, which later get recomposed in post production. Each image takes between 3 weeks to a couple of months to be finished in a process similar to working on a large scale painting or drawing. The project has been supported by the Arts Council England and has been photographed in Porto Alegre (Brazil), Paris & London.