Ben Zank is a smart boy, clever, thinking outside of the box without taking himself or his audience too seriously.

Ben Zank is a smart photographer too who knows that anything taken too gravely and given too much importance will loose its free spirit, the spring in its step and the ability to fascinate without worrying.  

We love viewing his imaginative and fantastical pieces of art, always delivered with a twist, always taking us by surprise and always teasing us with a not so sly whiff of irony.

His art, fun and yet thoughtful compositions as well as a elaborate way of matching colour with sujet make a bright spot of lightheartedness in a world already serious enough in the everyday, and combine high technical aspirations as well as artistic language concise and solid in its interpretation however playful and sharp in execution and thought.

There should be a few more smart boys like Ben Zank, it would cheer up the photographic landscape a whole lot and certainly find our approval.



Ben Zank was born on June 19, 1991 in New York City. At the age of 18, he began taking photographs for fun after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother's attic. His self-portraits aim to stretch the viewer's imagination and express his feelings when words fail.

"I often set out to take an image without any prior planning. I bring basic materials and clothing and work with my surroundings. The product is often a spontaneous reaction to the environment which is then manipulated in post-production. As a journalism student, I spent most of my time writing objectively. I was unable to freely express myself through words. And even when I was, I found that wasn’t adequate. I wanted a way to do so without saying so. The photographs I take represent my emotions better than any paragraph can. They are stories within images." - Ben Zank