Buzzy Sullivan is a photographer and photo educator currently living in Portland, Oregon. His photographic works have been published in Thrasher Magazine, Diffusion Magazine, as well as the book, The Pinhole Camera. In 2010 his photo-based work was selected to be a part of, Public Domaine, which was a skateboard inspired group show at the Gaite Lyrique in Paris. He received his BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2013 and is a 2017 MFA candidate at Arizona State University.


Engineered Ruins is an exploration of the rapidly changing landscape of the American West, devastated by the depletion and manipulation of water and water rights. This work focuses on the engineered remains of California: I pose a series of questions about the sustainability of agricultural and population booms in the semi arid state.

The series of images that make up Engineered Ruins, were shot as 8”x10” Wet-Plate Ambrotypes, the same photographic process used by the post-Civil War photographers who traveled with government-sponsored surveys to document the largely uninhabited (by Europeans) West. Their 19th Century images created a national sense of what could be owned and exploited in the American West. My photographs emulate my predecessors’ images, allowing the viewer a vantage point to contemplate haw we as a society have managed some of the most environmentally fragile areas of our country. 

Buzzy Sullivan is an artists who in his very unique and explicitly crafty style has managed to perfectly capture and freeze in time the rapidly and never ending changing landscape of the American West.  By making the same photographic process used by post-civil war photographers his own , he creates an aesthetically and intellectually challenging pieces of art where past and present meet, for a fleeting moment unite and let us in on a disturbing preview of our future.

His photographs allow a unique vantage point for the viewer, highlighting the harrowing fragility and arid devastation of some areas in the US with a poignant and chilling beauty that will resonate quietly within us.