Gemini born people are unable to stay with one particular thing, they usually are all over the place.  I am a typical example. Galleries do not like me because they want the artist to have what they call; a "signature style". But my signature style is; not having a signature style!  




I am in the company of wonderful artist as Irving Penn or Richard Avedon who shared the same "problem". When I have an idea for a project, I really go after it, taking all my time to theoretically work it out in each and every regard, which sometimes can take six month. "Silent Warriors" took me more than a year of preparations, tests and research. I usually make a precise list of details such as: what film format to use, which camera standpoint, backdrop, the kind of lighting to pull throughout the series, the decision to go b+w or color...and so on. A series of 14 images is the minimum needed for a good exhibition when the prints are as large as I like them to be, about 4-5 feet. I very much work like a painter, slowly and well thought through. Most of the time I only make one or two exposures on sheet film, as I did in Italy for my series "Italian Journey". At 5 a clock in the morning, when the colors were to my liking, there was so little light that the exposure times often were 2-6 minutes with the 5x7" Sinar and a 60 - years old wide-angle Rodenstock lens, I had to hold my breath.

This style of working like an old master is a far cry away from our day's digital photography. Often tests need to be done before beginning a long and expensive trip. Single images as "The Walking Man" shot in Versailles near Paris with a middle format camera are more of an accident, I just pushed the button in a decisive moment, like Henri Cartier Bresson. My subject matter is variable, landscapes, portraits, stills, conceptual work, documentary. I am wondering what I'll do next, however it will be again very exiting.

Eric Klemm (b.1939) lives and works on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He first studied graphic design in Trier, Germany, and turned seriously to photography in 1968 when he became affiliated with the legendary German magazine TWEN. Klemm contributed to top magazines as: Stern, Zeit Magazin, the German edition of Playboy, LUI, France and many others. In 1972 he became a member of the prestigious Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Photographie (DGPh).

Klemm has his work in private and corporate collections in Germany, Switzerland, Canada,  the USA and international public galleries and museums as: the Portland Art Museum, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the National Portrait Gallery, London, the Saarland-Museum, Saarbruecken, Germany, to name only a few.

Eric Klemm's work has been exhibited widely in more than 25 international solo and numerous group exhibitions, including featured solo shows at the 2006 FotoFest Biennial in Houston, Texas, the 2006 Foto&Photo Photography Festival Cesano Maderno, Milan, Italy, and the 2008 CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival. 

Eric Klemm's breakthrough came in 2009, when the prestigious publishing house Steidl, Goettingen, Germany, launched his book Silent Warriors - Portraits of North American Indians. The project was awarded 1st prize at Prix de la Photographie Paris.

His series Metamorphosis has recently been exhibited in Berlin and Paris and became a travelling exhibition visiting French cities as: Brest, Nancy, Bordeaux, Lille, and Toulouse. Klemm's latest project Italian Journey (travelling in the footsteps of the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) was awarded 1st prize Landscape Portfolio at The Worldwide 2010 Annual Pollux Awards. 

 Silent Warriors (2009) Steidl, Goettingen, Germany, Text by Dion Kliner  Eric's very successful book Silent Warriors - Portraits of North American Indians is completely sold out, Steidl Publishers is printing the 2nd edition of the book in 2015.

2009 Silent Warriors 
Steidl, Goettingen, Germany.
Text by Dion Kliner

Eric's very successful book
Silent Warriors - Portraits of North 
American Indians is completely
sold out, Steidl Publishers is printing 
the 2nd edition of the book in 2015.