Frank Herfort, a young German photographer, who lives and works in Moscow and Germany, spent his youth in Leipzig (East Germany). His style is influenced by social realism: People are shown in their everyday life, which seems to be made up by banal details. Urban areas are captured in their vast dimensions. At a first quick glance this appears to be a simply frank, straightforward and clear reflection of ‘reality’. A longer reception reveals that this depiction can be seen as ironic, questioning and hyper-real. 
During his time as a photography student at Hamburg art school he continuously assisted different photographers. In addition, he worked as an assistant and freelancer in London while he participated in a scholarship programme. Through that he familiarized himself with the professional working process. Flexibility, diligence, conscientiousness and clarity are his strengths while dealing with clients. Over the years, he acquired a range of different photography awards. His photographic expertise lies in the fields of people, architecture, interior and combinations of these.


Frank Herfort’s photographs are personal invitations to explore self-contained worlds that startle with rich detail and vibrant color. Based in both Berlin and Moscow, Frank has made exploring the contrasts and contradictions of life in contemporary Russia a central focus of his artistic work. Whether situated in the austere, crumbling remains of Soviet society or the opulent homes of modern Russian oligarchs, the spellbinding results demonstrate a singular talent for documentary storytelling. These immersive environments intrigue with people and riveting places seemingly caught out of both time and context. Frank’s keen eye for stunning settings has been employed by numerous advertisers and he is represented in galleries throughout the world.