"Alchemy is a lost, discarded art. Often misunderstood and veiled in secrecy, it is rich with hermetic symbolism and imagery. The primary goals of alchemy were to create an elixir for eternal life, to transmute lead into gold, and to dissolve matter. These objectives were attempted through primitive scientific method in conjunction with spiritual enlightenment, corruption, and mythology".

This work is my alchemy, my philosopher’s stone, my dissolution.


We don’t always need to fully understand or comprehend to be touched, moved and silenced by something. Sometimes we feel an unexplained connection or ancient familiarity , a mysterious and strange power or a breathtaking revelation without really knowing  what it is that we are  seeing, what is is that is being said and from which place deep in our heart these emotions are being pulled to the surface. 

Usually we might encounter such a moment when listening to a unfamiliar language, watching a person dance or chant, or being face to face with whatever makes that primal core in us swing… Gordon Magnin’s photography poignantly manages to evoke this intensity within the viewer all the while maintaining the professional distance and aesthetic sense of remoteness shifting the imagery from pure portrayal to pieces of art.

What wonderful visual questions that we cannot answer but feel comfortable with all the same..

Gordon Magnin is a Nevada based artist who works in photography, scans, collage, and altered found image. Magnin’s interest lies in the inventive use of geometry, pattern, repetition, form, perspective, composition, and systematic operations as methods to distort and challenge the intended objective, interpretation, and significance of consumer based images. Gordon has shown both locally and internationally. His work has been profiled in numerous print and online publications including; Gestalten’s "The age of Collage" “Dopplenganger, Images of the Human Being” and “Cutting Edges, Contemporary Collage”. He has created illustrations for Bloomberg Businessweek and the New York Times. Gordon Holds a Masters Degree from the Southern California institute of architecture (SCI_arc) and a bachelors of science in structural engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He completed studies at Mountain School of Arts in Chinatown (MSA^), in Los Angeles in 2008.