Harry Fisch, has photographically documented more than 30 countries through which he has travelled , concentrating since 2002, on Asia, especially Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal and India.  

Winner of the people section  2012 National Geographic World Photo Contest, and later disqualified, he has also been a finalist in the 2013 Sony World Photo Awards and won two awards of merit in Grand Prix de la Découverte 2013.   Finalist  in 2010 by Photoespaña—possibly the most prestigious Spanish photographic event—in the section “Discoveries”.  
After years of travelling, he has come to the conclusion that technique and vision are indispensable tools, but that empathy, curiosity, pleasure through personal relationships are the determinants which enable photography to transmit so much more than a post card.


Each of Fisch's photographs tell a story, the photographer creates within the constraints of the chosen medium an intricate and intimate connection between the viewer and the artists subject. By implicating a storyline, a secret to be revealed, Fisch goes beyond the mere aesthetics of the imagery and generates a curiosity, an atmosphere of intrigue. It is clear that the he has built a relationship with his subjects and with giving us a snap shot into their lives, sharing as far as possible their daily existence.  His technique, vision and personal relationships with his subjects sets him aside and above, and the graceful and tender use of light, shade and colour make his works incredible works of art, with each their own voice.