Since 11 years ago I can’t live without a camera in my hands. At any time I feel the need of documenting almost everything that I see, that I feel, to stop the time for a few seconds. Particularly on little everyday things, on routines, on the hidden beauty of things and moments.

That is the reason why I have no real “series” work (*with a few exceptions). Each photograph takes part in something bigger; like a documentary of a life: the things I see, what I love, where I found beauty, my misfortunes... But it isn’t only my own life, is everyone’s life.


I was born as a poor wayfaring stranger on a cold day of January at 21.00 pm in Zaragoza (Spain), 1987. I lived there until I was 18 and then I moved to the big city (we could call it Madrid).
During five and a half years I stayed there and obtained a ­5 years­ Bachelor in Media and Communications and worked as a digital designer/developer.

In 2011 I started my expat adventure and I moved to a small city called Groningen (Netherlands) tired of the big city. Currently I live in London working as a UX designer, trying to save money to leave it all behind and go into the woods.