Some people are born to do one thing only, its in their blood, it is what they breathe, its what feeds their dreams and comforts their pains. Take this sort of person out of their element and they will slowly disintegrate, turn hollow and end only half a person, half a heart and a broken spirit.

Give this kind of person what they need on the other hand, provide them with the opportunity to express what burns inside of them, and you will find someone who stands taller than most, works prouder than most and performs with just a bit more love, a bit more passion…

John Hicks is one of those lucky enough to find his calling, to live his calling and so be given the opportunity to be just a bit taller, just a bit prouder and just a bit more passionate than most others.

We can tell from his images that this man cares for his camera like for a friend, knows the inside out of photography, thinks in pictures and creates to survive.  His work tells of a man who has seen it all and is still to be surprised, a man who has heard it all and still listens eagerly and a man who has taken many, many a photograph but still yearns for the next one as if it was his first.  John Hicks, ladies and gentlemen, is a man of talent and pure devotion to the art.

We are touched and compelled by his works, we enjoy the photographic skill present in ever single one of the pieces,  we come back time after time after time to have just one more look at the intensity, honesty, compassion and vivacious aesthetics which speak from every one of his images.  

Born in Bristol, England, John Hicks always preferred everything but the conventional route of education.  He left left school with poor grades and nothing but an interest in photography that had simply stemmed from the ownership of a Kodak Instamatic at age 10.

If you would ask him what he does professionally, he would say : 

"I travel, take photos and stick them in albums!"

Making pictures is what defines me – it’s what I do, what I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s what I’m driven by, distracted by and empowered by. It’s my strength and my weakness, my highest highs and my lowest lows, my memories, my everyday thought and my future.

Pure and simple – it’s my life and I love it.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve achieved a level of success I could only have dreamed possible. I’ve worked on global advertising campaigns and international publications that have taken me all over the world but still I’m that same obsessive, infuriating, creative kid endlessly searching for images that spin around my head and make me dizzy sometimes.

I’ve had good times riding waves of success and bad times sitting out the storms but mostly I’ve had the time of my life just doing what I want to do.
I want my images to have a mood and a feeling and a story to tell.
I’ve always liked to shoot stills in a cinematic way and capturing moving images on film is what really excites me now.

I’m inspired and humbled by all the characters my camera has given me the opportunity to meet and I hope my pictures do them some justice.