Born in 1986 in the Black Country Jonathan Cherry has always been fascinated by people. His love of photography started after spending hours in his loft sorting through old family photographs. He used a little Pentax compact camera growing up and also dabbled in Lomography. He went on to study at University College Falmouth and graduated in 2009. A few years ago he spent 7 months with some fire fighters and didn't photograph one fire. His work focuses on moments of the in-between and through stopping he has found that it becomes possible to observe with greater clarity. Jonathan's photographic practice always questions the idea that "as a photographer, do I ‘experience’ less because I ‘document’ more?" This has been central point to his work and its one that drives him to create. His passion for understanding people can be seen in his personal work as well as his commissioned work. Some clients include: howies, The Guardian, Kennedy City Bicycles, The Do Lectures and Ella's Kitchen. Jonathan is married to his wonderful wife Gemma and is hoping to move from Cambridgeshire to Staffordshire in the next few weeks where he will maybe buy a dog. 



Jonathan Cherrys art focuses on and depicts nothing but the ordinary, by highlighting and lime lightening what is so close to both him and the viewer, he creates forceful pieces of art that echo in the viewers mind, trying to make sense of a situation and put meaning to a snapshot in time, that could very well be our own life. 

He toys with our human emotional need to analyse and understand, and by putting us into a situation where we can find no disconnect to our own life, pushes us to view our existence as art worthy and inspirational, as well questioning our personal view on the unique and oh so different lifestyle chooses that separate us from the norm. 

Jonathan Cherry is an intellectual artist, his art does not stop on the canvas on the wall but rolls deep within the viewers mind and only there finds it fulfilment.