Jorge Satos' beautiful photography plays tricks on the viewers mind. He shows what is not there and hides what belongs. His magical images, his photographic illusions, so to speak, distort the senses and mystify our logical thinking. The human mind can be easily fooled, our brains do long for putting information together differently from how our eyes would typically see it.

Satos' work seemingly joins magic with reality, opposes optical illusions with a medium of truth and engages confusion and clarity. He creates a fairytale universe in our everyday, his dreamlike worlds represent the difference between what we see, and what we actually can or maybe even wish to perceive.

His images challenge the viewers perception of reality, he hands us a bit of gentle graciousness with his artful soft color approach, his eye for detail and a bit of curiosity,  and thus explores the myriad ways our mind is tricked through optical deception, optical story telling.

Sato takes advantage of this human ability - our susceptibility to illusions and our deep longing for seeing and feeling things that aren’t necessarily there –  and manages with his analog camera to enrich our visual world, to give us a bit of wonder and to better our lives with a fleeting moment of surreal aesthetics that we would never have encountered if it wasn’t for him. 

Thanks Jorge!

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Jorge Sato graduated from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda Marketing) and started working in the creative area at local advertising agencies. After a year, he got to know a Brazilian Fine Art photographer and after working together for about 3 years, Sato decided to focus on his personal projects in order to express himself in a unique way. Despite being a young photographer, Jorge has been part of many collective exhibitions in Brazil and abroad and he is currently exhibiting an essay based on the work of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer at Tripolli Art Gallery curated by Luiz Tripolli.

"A strong-willed photographer struggling to reach mysterious and undiscovered places through analogue universe, not using the perfect technique as a craftsman. Rather, using the sensibility of an apprentice. The purpose of my photos is not just to show reality as a perfect register of a moment or a place. It is much more about unique moments and deep feelings. I’m convinced these dreamlike instants can’t be arranged beforehand. Beautiful and memorable events happen everywhere and all the time. The thing is to learn how to see and interpret them. My work is based on two visual approaches: unreal and oneiric images using Lo-Fi film cameras which are well-known by their unpredictability and particular effects and the Romantic aesthetic (inspired by the artistic movement in the early decades of the nineteenth century) using TLR film cameras."

- Jorge Sato