Keith Sharp is a photographer based in Media, PA. 

"I don’t just take photographs; I create and construct them. I attempt to create mysterious, subtle, and poetic images that cause the viewer to do a double take.  Much of my work is inspired from my love of nature and plants. When beginning a new series, I let things percolate in my mind over time; reflecting on various images that have caught my eye and how I can transform them to play with our perception.  Then I make sketches of the images that I will construct. After taking photographs of ordinary and everyday scenes of the world around me, I then transform them by reworking, layering, and juxtaposing these images on the computer."



Sharp works with natural environments to construct surreal and intriguing alternate realities merging inside and outside, nature and manmade and thus creating an place with its own natural laws and constraints that reminds the viewer of  home, but is yet so very far from it.

By emphasising the overlap between the natural and man-made/synthetic worlds at the same time, the artists creates a deceptive optical illusion. The viewer is invited into Sharps creation of a romanticised world, and then put on the spot by questioning the photograph of this familiar tranquil scene which at once challenges our perception on a brief extraordinary moment and leaves us wondering.