Albrecht Durer once said that only geometry is the right foundation of all paintings, hence of all art and consequently of all things beautiful and gracious.  We think that everything really is based on it, even the universe for example is… pure geometry - effectively a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time.

Looking at Mario Rossis body of work and his steady, rhythmic and harmonious compositions, we feel reminded on what we for now shall call “sacred geometry”.  Everything, already at first glance is just right and feels balanced, connected and correspondent, so that, inspecting it a bit closer and marvelling at the photographic skill behind it, each piece of art will unfold to the next part, give away another layer and one still feels totally familiar and at ease with it.
It takes a lot of work, knowledge and artistry to create work so aesthetically peaceful, hats off to Mario Rossi!


I was born in Naples in 1961 and now live in Rome I consider the point of departure and arrival of each stage of my life. I work in photography since the seventies, and my point of view on photography reflects a pictorial view of space derived from the interest for the modern tradition of the artistic avant-garde of the early 900.  I have exhibited in several galleries in Rome, Milan, New York, Amsterdam and Venice.

Attention to geometry is certainly an important aspect of my research.  The study of steady, rhythm, repetition is the source of the desire to represent reality as I observe.  Forms and trace repeated are elements of attention to mathematics and music.  The composition is arranged in a pattern that produces harmony and refers to a symphonic score of lights and figures interspersed with fragments of stories grasped by analytical eye as a choreography for assonance of movements and behaviour.  All this feeds the compositions, making them similar to scientific reports with an unusual and sophisticated poetry.