Melvin Sokolsky


Melvin Sokolsky was born and raised in New York City where he stated his distinguished careers as a stills photographers. At the age of 21, Sokolsky was invited to join staff Harper’s bazaar.

Within the next few years, he worked as a major contributor to four prestigious magazines: esquire, McCall’s, Newsweek, and Show. His photographs of internationally famous personalities have appeared in many major worldwide museums and magazines, and his the recipient of a Lucie Award.

In 1969, Sokolsky embarked on a new career in television commercials as a director/cameraman. He has been honored with Clio awards. Many of his commercials are in a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

His work has been exhibited In Museums such as the Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Victoria & Albert museum and The Louvre Paris.

Lip Streaks 1967, 20 x 16 Edition of 25, 40 x 30, Edition of 25,JPG.JPG