Floating over Paris

After seeing Heironymous Bosch’s ‘The Garden of delights, Sokolsky started to have a recurring dream in which he saw himself floating in a bubble across wild and wonderful landscapes. Feeling inspirired he decided to emulate his dreams into a series for the Harper’s Bazaar Spring Collection.

Inspired by the Faberge Egg, the Bubble itself was crafted in 10 days out of aircraft aliminium and plexi glass and swiftly taken to Paris which was so be the setting for his dream-like shoot.

“With the awareness that I was prone to live in my own head much of the time, and inclined to severe self-criticism, I began to have doubts whether I could create images on film that reflected the images in my mind’s eye.”

Shooting the Bubble series proved to be both an adventure and technically and logistically very challenging! The Bubble had to be elevated by a large crane and suspended by a thick wire, he has to ensure that his model was safe and could breath and then the bubble would float upwards about the rooftops, through the streets and even down the River Seine.

“There were times when this choreographed dance turned into a Laurel and Hardy comedy. The morning we shot on the Seine, the Bubble was lowered overzealously into the water, flooding it up to Simone’s ankles, and in turn ruining an important pair of designer shoes.”

The resulting series became one of Sokolsky’s most celebrated and recognizable and he was praised across the industry for his unconventional, innovative and triumphant work