Mico Pavlovic



The truth of the most stories lies in the details and in photography especially, the smallest things can be great subjects. Little human details or hidden geometric forms can easily and beautifully become a Leitmotif, by focusing on and exposing it almost hyper-realistically to the viewer, one can create an atmosphere of  surrealism and strangeness in something usually familiar.  

Cityscapes or streets can seem like dream-like distant places, more forms really,  flimsy and ethereal, and the frame of a door might suddenly become a modern geometrical piece of art, demanding the viewers attention as much as a  Jackson Pollock.  It is this ability and to look for and find, and the very attention to the details that is often the difference between good Fine Art photography and great Fine Art photography, which cannot be taught but comes from within the inner, personal eye of the artist.  We are glad to introduce Mico Pavlovic, a details specialist in his own right and a knowledgeable craftsman too. 

I am a freelance photographer based in London. I was born in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Since 1989 I have lived and worked in the U.K. Over the last thirty years my photographs have been featured in solo and group exhibitions, as well as in books, photography magazines and artist catalogues.

The most appropriate term to describe my photographic style would be 'extractive reductionism’, a process of extracting details from larger objects in a way that reduces those objects to their basic properties of colour, line and form (shape).

A fascination with colour is ubiquitous in my work.