Nahoko and Maxime met through a common friend. They had lunch, they talked a lot and went their separate ways. But Paris in small and there's only a few networks worth mentioning. So they met again a year later and talked some more about how they worked and how they thought. Long story short, Nahoko is sensitive all the way while Maxime prefers to think everything through. The collaboration started as a classic Photographer/Retoucher kind and while the trust and the exchanges grew deeper, Maxime started to write short scenarios to anchor the series into a more profound meaning, in order to channel the passion of Nahoko for fashion photography.





Nahoko studied graphic design at Musashino Art University in Japan. After graduating, she worked as a editorial designer for several magazines, including ELLE Japon.

In 1998, she arrived in Paris in order to study photography, worked at ELLE studio as an assistant, then started built her own portfolio. Her first publication was the cover of the German “Photographie” magazine, the 1999 December issue. Today, her work is published in international magazines, such as Marie Claire and her commercial work revolves around many Parisian ready-to-wear brands.

When I work outside of my collaboration with Maxime Gé, photography is a reflect of myself, very similar to an intimate diary. When I look at my past series, I get back  to the exact state of mind I was in at that time. Taking pictures allows me to freeze a moment and everything in it, a gorgeous woman, a unique landscape, anything I find breathtaking. Most of all, every picture carries my emotions which often consist of intuition and love.
When I work with Maxime in a duo capacity, the approach is completely different. He creates a concept, a storyline and counts on me to illustrate his scenario to the best of my abilities. While he builds his series, I try to bring them to life, to make them breathe a little with my sensitivity.

Planning first on working in advertising, Maxime graduated in 2008 from LISAA, a creative school in France. As a freelance art director and graphic designer, he works with many clients, including Coca-Cola and begins to master the Adobe Suite because of the great variety of request his clients has for him.

He goes to the capital to extend his clientele and through a new network, he discovers the huge world of professional photography. Learning the basics of retouching and acquiring a camera and investing in his own studio, he decides to learn everything there is to know about lighting and photography techniques to widen his portfolio.

To tell the truth, I don't really care about photography as it is only a technical support and a way to express myself, in my opinion. I do care about what I say in a photography, though. As well as in my writing. What do I want to convey ? How can I do it ? Can I develop my idea into a whole series ? This is how I proceed. Like all creatives, I try to unite both sense and esthetics, and it's not an easy job, trust me ! But I think that, as long as you search, as you try and as you trust your instincts, you can't be (entirely) wrong. Well, I hope, anyway!

Art director : Maxime Gé | Photographer : Nahoko Spiess

Model : Monika Krol (Just WM) | Make-up : Fumie Kawabe | 

Hair : Yumiko Hikage | Assistant photo : Jean-Marc Catin