I’ve been a visual person as far as I can remember.  By chance, born in Miami but grew up in Mexico and Ecuador.  Studied film in college following my passion for creating images.  Today I’m a director of photography in the film industry.  Photography started very early on in my life and although I never pursued it professionally, it is a huge part of my every day.  I only shoot with film cameras and mostly medium format.  Shooting analogue is a slow process compared to digital.  I take confort in this.  It allows me to experience what I’m doing with more care and to be able to observe better.  I also still develop my own negatives.  I like the process, the care and respect, the way it slows things down.  It allows me to reflect.  I find that photography is becoming too immediate and disposable with the advent of digital.  People are loosing the ability to observe, they are loosing the instinct to see the decisive moment.  I, on the other hand, am on a quest to nurture my sense of observation and to hone my ability to feel when I need to press the button. Only for one shot. The shot. Nothing more.



Patricio Suarez's tender approach and not only empathy but actual appreciation of his naked or nude models, his camera both peeling the outer layers until the true and rare vulnerability shines through as well as giving them a helping hand and safe guarding them to a place of trust and peace, speaks of nothing but understanding and admiration of this very elemental truth. This artist knows his nudes, his naked and he softly and quietly composes his images to their silent order, illuminating the reality that cannot be put into words and while at first obviously of intrusive character empowers and shelters, speaks up for them with his lens. It is beautiful and compelling imagery and we applaud both the man behind the camera and the freedom in front of it.