Patrick van Roy is an artist who does not take images, he makes them!  There is a very interesting distinction - an important one at that -  and we would like to take the time to elaborate…   

Taking an image and making an image are two very different things.

Often we will see photographers taking beautiful pictures and performing either no or maybe minimal work on the image in postproduction before printing the image.

These photographers believe that their work solely relies on mastering the camera and lens to best avail in the field – and seem to think that working on the image in postproduction somehow would lessen their skill and effort both as a craftsman and artist.

While many of these images are beautiful and fascinating at that in their own right,  the thought has crossed our mind that these artists have not yet familiarised themselves with the true magic of photography in this, our digital era and might well be fully missing out.  We can take beautiful pictures,  and then we can make absolutely breathtaking pictures – and the computer is a tool here that helps the artist to create just as any other means. 

It scilicet does take an artist to contrive and compose a fine art image from an abstract origin (numbers in a computer), technological tools are powerful when brought to perform against RAW image components—but nonetheless they are just tools.

Fine art photography is about evoking the potential for creating an emotion in the viewer, when he or she views the image. What the artist expresses within the fine art photograph, as a core belief of feelings, is what subsequently the work offers the viewer. It is not an easy task for the artist in so doing. In fact,  often, even when properly attempted by very accomplished artists, it does not just happen.  

When it does work it is beautiful, breathtaking and sometimes world shaking Fine Art Photography is about making pictures, is about preconceiving an idea and feeling and subsequently translating it onto the viewers mind. Patrick van Roy is a fine art photographer in its purest form, a talented and expert artist in the medium.


We are proud to present Patrick van Roy's stunning and thought-provoking imagery, fine art photography as per definition and execution!

I use photography as a way to "make" pictures (differentiating between the "taking" and "making of pictures) but I don't consider myself a photographer, more an "image maker" (an artist).

Taking a walk in the forest, you see a beautiful tree and you decide to photograph this tree. Back home, you develop your photo and show it to a friend and your friend exclaims: "Oh what a beautiful tree". For me, he says that because your picture is missed. He sees the tree but not your photograph. Your image can be a good documentary for a magazine but the artistic aspect is not there.

I always try to run away from this kind of photography.