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We find it an interesting approach, when done skilfully, to have one art form remind us of another, playfully utilising what is symbolic and emblematic of one to the advantage of the other.

It takes in-depth insight into and hands on experience in both environments, knowledge of composition and a lot of restraint in the photographer personally to create images that only whisper seductively of a different media but stay true to themselves and never lose their own art forms essence.

Although it may be the most beautiful fraud in the world, cinema reflects our culture and appeals to our deep within instilled fear of death, the evanescence and fleetingness of the images powerfully contradicted at once by their apparent immortality, a language and world that reminds of home but never will or can be home, always a fiction, always artificial.

Samantha Nandez creates a cinematic world within her works, reminding us with succulent, dark and erotic connotations in the use of lighting and choice of colour of temptations and longings within us.

Her beautiful, polished and thoroughly dressed images speak of unreachable Hollywood glamour without losing photography’s actuality and proximity to the viewers perception of the world.

Samantha Nandez photography knows and adheres to what Martin Scorsese once put perfectly into a sentence in relation to cinema: In the end it always and only comes down to what is in the frame and what is out.


Samantha Nandez is a fashion & beauty photographer based in New York City. Since day 1, Samantha has always been a creative at heart. Whether painting, drawing, writing, music; there was always some avenue of creativity that she would pursue, though academics always came first. Excelling in school she received a full scholarship to University where she pursued studies in Classic Latin & Greek literature. It wasn't until Sophomore year she finally decided, she was an artist. Graduating with a degree in Filmmaking it was then she decided to turn fully to photography that had for years only been a hobby. Working for 5 years as a commercial photographer, she gained experience, knowledge in the field, and honed her skills.  In 2012, Samantha left her job, moved to London and worked on building her fashion portfolio with stylists, makeup artists, and agency models. With a revamped portfolio, a discovery of her self and her style, she moved to New York City in 2013 to make her passion and her art a career.

"If I were to describe my work in a few words they would be: dark, fantasy, and romance. Much of my inspiration is rooted in cinema.  Growing up I basically lived vicariously through film. The idea that for two hours, I could be transported to a different place, time, or even world was everything to me. Though I pursued filmmaking for many years, in the end it was the still, single image that captured my heart. In my work, I try to maintain the idea of creating something from a dream that would otherwise not exist if it weren't for myself and my team creating it. Many of my themes can be considered dark, even if, say, the concept is "Spring."  There is always shadow in the light, there cannot be one without the other, and I feel most of my work expresses that element of darkness or weight. I think it is for all these reasons that I became drawn to fashion initially. It's a world of creation, a world of dreams, a world of fantasy that every season becomes a new reality. I have a great respect for designers who create such stunning works that are not only art forms in themselves, but can be worn as well. As a team, photographers, designers, makeup artists, stylists, all work to create that character, that story, that world in which we can, if only for a moment, live in and enjoy." - Samantha Nandez