Seeing Simon Browns work instantly reminds us of a poem by Friedrich Schiller which seems to put exactly into words what the photographer's images portray, while giving a voice to the feelings thereby evoked in the viewer:
Threefold is the march of time     
While the future slow advances,    
Like a dart the present glances,   
Silent stands the past sublime.    
No impatience e'er can speed him    
On his course if he delay;   
No alarm, no doubts impede him    
If he keep his onward way;   
No regrets, no magic numbers   
Wake the tranced one from his slumbers.   
Wouldst thou wisely and with pleasure,   
Pass the days of life's short measure,   
From the slow one counsel take,   
But a tool of him ne'er make;   
Ne'er as friend the swift one know,   
Nor the constant one as foe!           
Where Schiller though only goes as far as to gracefully describe and define the nature of time, thus making language and sense of time inseparable, Browns art goes one step further, understanding that the essence of time cannot be simplified, explained and reduced.
His photography, his rich and dense imagery tells of time found only in the mind or only in the universe, time running in maybe more than one direction, maybe in every direction at once.

The viewer suddenly understands that time exists only in biological substructure, or is only a social convention, that it is only individual or only collective, only cyclic, only linear, relative, absolute, determined, universal or only local, only indeterminate, illusory, totally true, immeasurable, measurable, explicable or unapproachable, that it is all of these things. Time might be timelessness, after all, and we shall admit that we have so far never before come across a fine art photographer who could convey this feeling in pictures so powerful and captivating in their somnolence, stylistically reminiscent of old masters, yet vibrant and contemporary, being technically executed to perfection.

I have now work for many leading publications & books internationally and exhibit in New York at Bonni Benrubi Gallery & in London at both the Richard Young Gallery & the Michael Hoppen Gallery.

My work is about Romanticism, Beauty. & Sensuality. It is about the detail in life which optics reveal to the eye in a still. The endless nature of the moment.

A long list of Clients include: Vogue, House & Garden, The World of Interiors, John Rocha, Kit Kemp & Firmdale Hotels, Nina Campbell, Cabbages & Roses, Cico Books, Jigsaw, Saturday Telegraph Magazine.