Stephan Kaps aka mephisto19 was born in 1981 in Stadthagen, Germany. He grew up near Hannover, Germany and is breath, speech and voice teacher method Schlaffhorst- Andersen. From 2009-2014 he studied fine arts at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig, Germany in the classes of professors Michael Sailstorfer, Corinna Schnitt, Michael Brynntrup and Ulrich Eller.

Now he is living in a house group (a sort community) in Utrecht, the Netherlands and organising (artistic) events while also giving different workshops in Germany. Next to his photographic work, Stephan Kaps aka mephisto19 is a writer (Gedichtet, Geschichtet, Geschichten – eine Textsammlung, 2013) and working with sound and film. In 2014 he published a catalogue of his work Studienzeit“ (study time“) an several other small books.


My work focusses on analogue photography, text and sound. I am trying to divide something in its parts and put them back together to create something new. So the diferent layers are made in the camera and they are not manipulated with Photoshop or a similar program afterwards. Rhythm and repetition are important to me. So the sound of taking photographs is also part of the entire process, that might be observed seeing me at work. You can see the act of taking photos as performance art. Another part of my work are snapshots documenting my life that form a visual diary and are shared online. This is a public archive. The big question behind my work is how to capture time, how to catch a moment before it is gone, how to conserve it and also what a true or real photograph is So I am working with multiple and long time exposures.