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Sometimes, not often but sometimes, somebody else has said it so well that one cannot do anything but quote as it seems impossible to phrase it better.
We shall quote Aesthetica Magazine, who said about Tony Briggs:
“Tony Briggs’ body of work over the last twenty years represents a collision of iconic imagery that epitomises how underground youth culture has now become the mainstream”

Tony Briggs is a photographer of genuine talent and skill, who, repeatedly and constantly over the period of more than two decades, has done what centuries ago was then still feared by people watching the first photographers and today is seen as the epitome of  an artful and brilliant portrait picture . 

He, with his big personality and an unconventional as well as cheeky approach, manages time after time to catch or steal the soul of whomever in front of him and immortalizes it on paper.

Tony Briggs doesn’t only document a physical appearance but captures like a time capsule a thought, an idea and the human being behind whatever mask he or she decided to wear. We, by viewing his portraits, gain insight into some great peoples hearts and spirits, what a privilege!

There are not many photographers like Tony Briggs out there, so much talent, so much artistry, so much seen and so much shown. Amazing!

Tony Briggs BSC* born Sunderland 1966, moved to London after leaving Newcastle College of Arts & Technology in 1985. His first break was working full-time for the BBC in 1988.  Fired from the Beeb in 1989, he began his distinguished career as a freelance photographer. He spent most of his early career working for London record companies; Acid Jazz, Go Discs, MCA (Portishead, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene) and the London Style Magazines; ID (working under then picture editor Nick Knight), The Face, Dazed & Confused and went on to shoot the first major fashion stories for Loaded, helping kick off the Loaded phenomenon.  Tone has had the Midas touch all along, doing the first portrait sessions for Sacha Baron-Cohen, Kate Moss and Jimmy Carr. They no longer return his calls. Still, many do. He has consistently shot some of the UK’s finest comedians, sporting heroes, musicians and actors and of course, his personal heroes, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene and kestrels.  Various TV appearances include a commercial endorsement for Carl Zeiss, as a mentor in BBC2's acclaimed documentary series Apply Immediately with Martin Parr and most recently in the I AM PC Campaign for Microsoft. Numerous awards and commendations include the Northern Rock Building Society School Photography Competition 1979 - winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd (His Mam made him give back 2nd and 3rd) and more recently, London Photographer of the Year. He continues to work his ‘quirky and irreverent’ style with the world’s top agencies and performers.

*Butlins Swimming Certificate


'Tony Briggs, Gold in his teeth, Silver in his eyes, Diamond in his heart'  Bill Bailey, Comedian

'Although his pictures are slick there's always an element of down to earth fun'  Time Out

'Rarely have I worked with someone who cares so much about the end result. His professionalism and talent are matched only by his unflappable attitude and sense of fun'  Brendan Wilkins, Creative Director.

'Honest, funny and sharp, right from the beginning, Working Class Progressive Photography'  The London Evening Standard 'That is the best photo I've seen in my life' Ricky Gervais